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RaiderFab Brackets for Universal Projects V1

RaiderFab Brackets for Universal Projects V1

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Due to several requests, RaiderFab is proud to offer several RaiderFab brackets for various projects above and beyond what was originally designed. More are in development right now!

Our first release outside of the kits has been used for the 1st generation Mazda 3 and Mazdaspeed 3 fenderwell latch mount for the Quik Latch product. These high quality 304 Stainless Steel brackets can be used on various projects with the slotted sections allowing adjustments to fit. 

And now you can purchase a pair of our brackets to use them on your own project. 

(Single latches are also available here, with the release assist springs to make removal easier available here.)

Of course, we LOVE seeing your results, so tag @raiderfabusa in your social media posts or email us your project so we can share them! is our email with any questions, or to share your images!



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