About RaiderFab

RaiderFab is just the name I came up with after I had to go out on my own and come up with a fix for the fenderwell tab failure on the 1st Gen Mazdaspeed 3 front bumper.  Using my forum name for many years, and how I fabricated my bumper fix.

With help from friend who made a cad drawing of my crude specs, made a better bracket to confirm it would work, got a company to fab the brackets right here in the USA-New Jersey actually. The result of nearly 3 years of trial and error is the solution for the Gen1 Mazdaspeed Market. Eventually, a 2nd Gen Mazdaspeed 3 bumper fitment solution was created, and was well received. 

After 2 years of inventory issues and covid, etc my latch distributor closed shop. In October 2022 I lost my job. I decided to make this my thing. I was given a TON of assistance by Brian @ Quik Latch Distribution to get going. 

I am also looking to expand to the solutions to anyone who has bumper issues. Just contact me and we can talk about how to make a solution.

Thanks, and look for more from RaiderFab in 2023 and beyond!