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1st Gen Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3 Bumper Fitment Solution- FULL KIT

1st Gen Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3 Bumper Fitment Solution- FULL KIT

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RaiderFab and are proud to offer a bumper fitment solution without the need of those ridiculous rubber bands that stretch and fail for first generation Mazda 3s (2004-2009) and Mazdaspeed 3's (2007-2009)Raiderfab is a proud distributor for Quik Latch, the original American made latches NHRA Certified and proven to stand up to the elements!   If the area is popping off under the headlights as well, you will want order this kit, as it includes the fenderwell kit, as well as a 2nd pair of latches for the headlight area.

***All latch orders now come with complimentary threadlocker at no additional cost!***


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Customer Reviews

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Grayson D
These aren't just a want, but a need.

When I got my 08 speed3, it had bumper bands already "installed." The studs were there, but the bands were actually zipties. I spent $8 on some bumper bands, and thought nothing of it. Until 4-6 short months later when they broke, and this became a recurring cost for me.

I got sick of them, and had to replace them with something of actual value. My brackets were well past broken, and presumably had been for years before I even got my car. Coming across RaiderFab's full kit, it was a no brainer. It became an investment, not just a purchase. And quickly I realized it was an investment I was be beyond satisfied with.

Truthfully, I lost the love for my speed's front end. I started to hate it a long long time ago. And while it was most certainly not a purchase fueled with the intent of making me fall in love with my front end again, it most certainly did. I've started looking at my car again like a little kid seeing a race car. It was as simple as replacing those bands and their mounting fasteners, and I had no clue it would happen.

On top of that, with the bumper bands, going anything over 100 (on a closed course, of course), my entire front end would scrape against the ground because of the down force generated by my front splitter. That, or bottoming out, and I'd have to go fix and realign my bumper which would go over my headlights. These things are rigid, in all of the ways I want them. They don't move a bit, unless I depress the release button.

I cannot be happier with my investment in these latches. I work on my car religiously, so a quick release bumper is almost necessary for me, unless I want to find myself literally climbing in the engine bay (and though it's happened several times before, it's not my preference to do so).

At some point, I got tired of the bands. I hit a breaking point. And conveniently, that breaking point happened about a week before my last pair of bands broke, and the day they did break, my order arrived. These are a no brainer purchase. If you're looking for something to secure your bumper, the RaiderFab kit isn't a purchase, but an investment. I've spent so much more money on so much less for my car, but this was a purchase I'm quite proud of, and have already enthusiastically recommended to friends. Why believe me, though? You can still see the scars of the bumper bands I once had in my fender in the image attached, so see for yourself.

Paul Rokusek
Gen Juan MS3 Full kit

I has it, it is best solution for problem, hurry up and buy.