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Quik Latch

QL-50 Series Low Profile Hood Latch Kits

QL-50 Series Low Profile Hood Latch Kits

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Tired of the traditional style of hood pins that rust, or lanyards that scratch the paint? Have you lost your pins due to removing the lanyard trying to protect the finish?

Introducing the next generation in hood pin technology....The "Quik-Latch" Hood Pin System

A low profile look, and with just a push of the button, the hood is unlatched. The patented design features one finger activation – The button stays in down position until re-latched and then button pops back up. No more pins to keep up with! Installation is simple with basic tools.  Available finishes: Silver or Black Cerakote and Polished Aluminum.

 Quik-Latch Hood Pin Kits are produced with owners of high level builds in mind.  For those who have put 110% of their effort into their rides.  For those who don't make any compromise between form and functionality. Of Course, Quik Latch offers a lifetime warranty, too!

***All latch orders now come with complimentary threadlocker at no additional cost!***


2.50 Inches Upper Latch Mechanism Diameter
2.20 Inches Lock Ring Diameter
1.15 Inches Latch Mechanism Height
4.0 Inches Mounting Pin (Ball Pin) Length

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